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Conservation Win: A Rare Baby Rhino Was Just Born in a Kansas Zoo

A Kansas zoo has just announced that two of their Indian rhinos have given birth. Zoo staff are heralding the event as a major win for the species, which is critically endangered.

The calf, named MarJon, was born in Tanganyika Wildlife Park on February 16th. She weighed a whopping 80 pounds at birth and was named after longtime supporters Mary and Jon Sendall. The calf was up and nursing within hours, and keepers observed Monica, the new mother, cleaning and bonding with her baby throughout the night. Since MarJon’s birth, keepers at the park have been working tirelessly to ensure the best veterinary care possible for both mother and calf.

“This is an incredible moment for the entire Tanganyika Family,” park owner Jim Fouts said in a statement. “This is why we do what we do, preserving species who are on the brink of extinction. We are so proud of Monica and her calf and are excited to share this special moment with the community.”

With only 4,014 Indian rhinos worldwide, MarJon’s birth is a significant event for international wildlife conservation. Fouts expressed his excitement to share this special moment with the community and emphasized the positive impact that the park’s conservation efforts can have.

Park staff also said that they felt honored to have witnessed Monica and MarJon growing together during the pregnancy.

“I started to be able to see and feel the baby move when I gave Monica her belly scratches,” one of the keepers said in a statement. “She’s showed all the signs of a healthy pregnancy: long naps, increased appetite, and lots of resting.” Now, it’s all paid off: So far, the baby seems to be healthy, as well.

Rhino advocates hope that MarJon will grow up to have a family of her own. In the meantime, the best option for conservation is to continue supporting organizations like the International Rhino Foundation (IRF). IRF and others work to save rhinos in their natural habitat. Visiting local zoos can also help raise awareness and support conservation efforts. So, if you live in Kansas, consider stopping by the Tanganyika Wildlife Park to welcome MarJon to the world.

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