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Reminder: E-Bikes Can Go From Real Fun to Real Dangerous Real Fast

A new viral video is serving as a good reminder that e-bikes may be fun, but they can also be very dangerous,

A social media influencer known as Dr. Joe shared a clip of a child riding an electric mountain bike who hits a jump and soars through the air before crashing hard into the ground. The video then shows numerous X-rays of broken bones that are supposedly related to injuries from electric bikes.

“The increased speed and power provided by electric motors can lead to riders underestimating their capabilities and taking risks beyond their skill level, potentially resulting in accidents or collisions,” wrote Dr. Joe in his post. “Moreover, the higher speeds of e-bikes can make it more challenging for riders to react to sudden obstacles or hazards on the road.”

This video isn’t just the latest take on the e-bike debate. The alternative to bicycles has grown exponentially in recent years, and even the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has noted some of the issues.

The government agency published a new report in 2022 and found a 21% increase in injuries from “micromobility devices.” That includes e-bikes, e-scoots and hoverboards. The number is a growing trend and, on average, has increased about 23% yearly since 2017. Of these incidents, 233 involved deaths. The CPSC says children 14 or younger saw the most related injuries. 

In short, while e-bikes may be a great alternative to getting around, it’s important to keep safety in mind. 

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