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Snow Lizard SLPower 11 Review

You know the feeling. It’s only 2pm and your phone is already at 15%. How can that be? Oh yeah, that’s right – you’ve been shooting video and taking pics since you hit the trail at 8am. Time to put it in airplane mode so you can make it the rest of the day – booooring.

Snow lizard slpower11
Keep everyones devices fully charged with the SLPower 11 charger

This is why it’s nice to have an external battery like the Snow Lizard SLPower 11. At 11,000 mAh there is enough juice to charge your iPhone about 5 times  – AWESOME. With that much juice available you’ll only need one for 3-4 people out on the trail. If someone wants to top off their battery it’s no problem. Actually, their are two USB ports so two people can charge their phones up at the same time.

The Snow Lizard SLPower 11 also has a battery indicator so you can start rationing that precious power once it starts to get low. If you’re looking for enough power but still don’t want to add too much weight to your pack, the Snow Lizard SLPower 11 is worth a look.

Price: $69.99

See The Snow Lizard SLPower 11 In Action

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