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Make Your Back Happy With The Strongback Elite Camp Chair

Ladd Laugee found a problem. All camp chairs had an inherent flaw. They weren’t comfortable. So Ladd fixed that problem with Strongback Chairs. This model is the Strongback Elite Camp Chair.

The Strongback Elite is the more heavy duty of the two models, with a higher weight rating and rigid armrests. All Strongback chairs are built to have lumbar support . They fold up nicely and fits easily into the carry sack. The carry sack also has two shoulder straps for easy carry. If you need to pack up in a hurry you can use the ‘Easy Clip’ to lock it in it’s folded position.

Everyone’s been there, right? At the end of a long day hiking you plop down in a uncomfortable chair that only adds to your discomfort. With the Strongback Elite you rest much more comfortably at the end of the day.

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