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Flowfold x Sterling Trailmate Dog Leash Review

Flowfold Sterling Dog Leash

We’ve seen videos of rock climbing dogs, and people climbing with dogs attached to them. While this is an incredibly enviable thing, most of us don’t have a four-legged companion who’s willing to join us for our next trip up the crag.

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Even if rock climbing isn’t your thing, we can guarantee that both of you will look great out walking with the new Flowfold x Sterling Trailmate Dog Leash.

The collaboration on the Flowfold Sterling Dog Leash is a match made for the outdoors.

We first became acquainted with Flowfold a few years ago, when they released their lineup of slim, lightweight wallets designed for outdoor adventure. Since then, they’ve gone on to develop a lineup of bags, packs and accessories that continue to marry the minimalist attitude with the pursuit of peak experiences.

Handsome dog waits for the Flowfold Sterling Trailmate Dog Leash
Flowfold Sterling Trailmate Dog Leash 5 Foot

Sterling Rope on the other hand, creates some of the world’s finest climbing ropes designed for climbers and adventurers. The two companies have come together, to repurpose Sterling’s “left overs” into the Trailmate dog leash.

We love that this leash isn’t some generic tether – it’s built from rope that’s proudly made in the USA, inspected by hand. It incorporates a brass snap hook and swivel, and based on our experience – keeps your dog at the perfect distance. It’s definitely a head turner on the trail!

Check out the Flowfold Trailmate Dog Leash Here.


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