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Sunday Afternoons Coronado Hat Overview

Overview: A little more lifestyle piece, this hat was design specifically for women. It is called the Sunday Afternoons Coronado Hat, new for Spring 2016. This is a floppy design by nature. It’s a floppy, slightly wider brimmed fedora and it gives you really that Bohemian look. Completely packable design. Crush this up in your bag, pop right back to shape, and looking great every time. The Sunday Afternoons Coronado features some nice detail on the back side, sizing adjustment on the inside as well. A nice decorative band is featured all the way around the hat.

With all sun protection hats, they’re all serving a purpose. So Sunday Afternoons went over the Adventure Hat, that’s an icon for the Sunday Afternoons’ brand. The UV Trucker, an innovative Trucker cap, new for Spring 2016. Filling in their product line, Sunday Afternoons created a more approachable, lifestyle piece that looks great and is functional. Make sure to be on the lookout for the Sunday Afternoons Coronado Hat for Spring 2016. To check out the rest of Sunday Afternoons products, head over to their website.

Manufacturer: Sunday Afternoons
Product Name: Coronado Hat

Sunday Afternoons Coronado Hat
Sunday Afternoons Coronado Hat

Sunday Afternoons Coronado Hat
Sunday Afternoons Coronado Hat

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