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The 50 Campfires Gift Guide Has Something For Everyone

“She has every outdoor gadget there is! What am I supposed to get her this year?”
“He seriously has like nine backpacks, and I’m pretty sure they’re all full.”

We get it – it’s hard to buy an outdoor gadget for someone that spends a lot of time outdoors. Outdoor folks are generally practical people, and if they need something, they buy it. Never fear! We have a lot of great gear in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide, so you’re sure to find something that they’ll love.

The HitchFire Grill

Inspired by adventure, road trips, and the love of the outdoors, HitchFire leads a new category in hitch-based accessories. The Forge 15 is the perfect addition for the overlander, camper, day-tripper, and tailgater. It’s not just a grill, it’s Adventure Grilling™ $449

BōnDry Hydration Pack Dryer

BōnDry automatically dries your hydration backpack’s bladder. Simply rinse your hydration bladder, insert your BōnDry, and put your gear away. It goes to work quickly absorbing all the moisture, then it wicks that moisture out of the bladder to be evaporated. This keeps the bladder clean and funk free! $19.99

The Chill Systems Chiller

Coolers can be a pain to use – literally! They’re heavy, bulky, and worst of all – they require ice. Most often this means a trip to the store to spend money on ice bags. The Chiller was designed to solve these problems – It’s compact and lightweight, and it’s small enough to take anywhere. $49.99

GCI Outdoor MaxRelax Pod Rocker

You’ll be in full relaxation mode in the MaxRelax Pod Rocker! Featuring a lightly padded, perfectly cozy seat, beverage holder, and phone pocket, the MaxRelaxPod Rocker is comfort amplified. It features patented Spring-Action Rocking Technology™ for smooth rocking while outdoors.
On sale through December 18th for $69.99

Zippo HeatBank 9s Plus

The Zippo HeatBank 9s Plus provides up to 9 hours of cozy heat to keep hands warm on the coldest days. It has six heat settings, can charge two USB devices, and has a battery display to help you get through the day. Perfect for winter outdoor enthusiasts! $59.95

Olight Perun 2 Headlamp

The Olight Perun 2 Headlamp puts out an impressive 2,500 lumens, illuminating for over 500 feet. The magnetic charging cable keeps it more protected from the elements. It has a waterproof rating of IPX8, and will run for 12.5 days on the lowest setting. It’s a clever design that any camper would love to own. $89.95

Bambu Eat/Drink Tool Kit

The Bambu Eat/Drink Tool Kit is the ultimate eco-friendly portable cutlery set. Each kit comes with a fork, knife, spoon, spork, chopsticks, bamboo straw, and cleaning brush. It’s lightweight, and will last for years if taken care of properly. $22

DISC-O-Bed Dog Bed

The DISC-O-BED Dog Bed gets your pet off the ground for a safe, sturdy, and comfortable sleeping option with a weight tolerance of up to 200lbs. The Dog Bed offers quick and easy, no-tool assembly, and fully disassembles for storage and transport. The mesh platform keeps them cool, and the optional shade keeps them out of the sun. It’s a seriously luxurious dog bed! $149.99

ZOLEO Satellite Communicator

The ZOLEO Satellite Communicator allows you to message anyone, anywhere, with zero cellular reception. We tested it all summer and found it to be a reliable, user-friendly device. It connects to an app on your phone and can send messages up to 195 characters, making it easy to send trail updates to friends and family. $199

S.O.L. Fire Lite Fuel-Free Rechargeable Lighter

This lighter won us over this summer. It charges via USB and puts out a little plasma arc to start fires, camp stoves, and just about anything. It isn’t affected by temperature or elevation, it’s waterproof, and it has a built-in flashlight to boot. $24.99

BN3TH Boxer Briefs
If you know a guy that likes to hike, he’ll love the BN3TH Boxer Briefs. They have a built-in pouch that eliminates chafing and keeps everything high and dry. They’re the best underwear we’ve ever worn on the trail. Hands down. $30

OPOVE Massage Gun
Yes, there are great massage guns out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg. We’ve been using the OPOVE Massage Gun all year after long hikes and it’s a miracle worker. The battery lasts forever and the case is rugged enough to toss in the camp box. $170

YETI Hopper Flip 12
YETI coolers aren’t cheap, but if you’ve ever owned one you know why. They’re built like tanks and will last forever. They YETI Hopper Flip 12 is the perfect size for day trips or picnics, and the waterproof zipper keeps your backseat dry. $250

Bear Knuckles Gloves
Every camper needs a solid pair of camp gloves for gathering wood, fire building, etc. Bear Knuckles Gloves have a patented finger wedge for comfort, and it’s some of the thickest, softest leather we’ve seen in a pair of gloves. $25

Darn Tough Mountaineering Socks
You’re not going to find a better pair of winter socks than Darn Tough Mountaineering socks. The merino wool blend keeps your feet dry, stink-free, and they come with a lifetime guarantee that they stand by. $30

Therm-a-Rest Honcho Poncho
The Honcho Poncho is one of those things where you’re surprised at how much you end up using it. It doesn’t restrict movement, it’s incredibly warm, and it’s water-resistant. We also found out that it doubles your warmth in the winter. Great piece of gear. $115

AfterShokz Aeropex Open Ear Headphones
Hiking with music is a true joy. The problem is that you don’t want to bother anyone else AND it’s not the best idea to completely shut external sounds out. AfterShokz provides the perfect mix of the world around you and your favorite music.

Pendleton Chess and Checkers
This roll-up Pendleton Chess and Checkers set is perfect for gamers on the go. It’s easy to pack in any bag, and it’s a great way to get the kids off of their phones for a while!

GCI Outdoor Bi-Fold Slim Event Chair
This chair kind of surprised us this summer. It’s not the rocker-style that they’re known for, but it’s unbelievably comfortable. It folds in half and packs down to half the size of a normal camp chair. $50

Benchmade Bugout
If you want to blow a backpacker’s mind, this is the knife you buy. The sub 2 oz. weight and S30V steel make it quite the coveted item in the outdoor community. Laser engraving available. $150

Stormy Kromer Cap
When it comes to outdoor hats it’s hard to beat an original Stormy Cromer. They’ve been around for over 100 years, never go out of style, and are handmade in Michigan. They’re also fitted, so make sure you know the size of your loved one’s noggin. $30-$50

Hultafors Hulton Hatchet
Here’s another foolproof gift for ANY outdoors enthusiast. It’s the thing we all want, but don’t want to spend the money on. They’ve been making axes for 130 years, and not only are they of the highest quality, but they’ve also absolutely gorgeous. If you’re going for shock and awe, this is a good choice. $150

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