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Have You Gone Cowboy Camping? Here’s a Quick Look at Camping Without a Shelter

When it comes to camping, there are many options, from car camping to backpacking with a tent. You can camp with a hammock or a tarp to keep your base weight down. However, the simplest form of camping is cowboy camping.

In short, cowboy camping is sleeping without any form of shelter. You’re out in the elements. As the name implies, think of a classic Western movie with a bunch of cowboys sleeping around a campfire. However, there is some gear you can use.

Recently, a backpacking influencer shared her basic setup for cowboy camping. 

Take a look:

In the post, Bee’s Wild Life lists basic items, including a ground tarp, a sleeping pad (or two), and a sleeping bag. She appears to be sleeping somewhere in the desert and reminds viewers to camp this way, “You can’t be afraid of critters and wildlife coming up to say hello in the middle of the night.”

Going Cowboy Camping

So, while this simplistic form of camping sounds fun for anyone who loves a minimalistic approach to the outdoors, you must be okay with bugs and whatever curious animal decides to approach you in the middle of the night.

Big Agnes, an outdoor brand known for its tents, sleeping pads, and sleeping bags, has some advice. They say the most critical part of cowboy camping is location. Pick a spot to try and minimize how much wind and wildlife you may have to deal with. You’ll want to find a place with a flat surface. The company recommends a large flat rock or boulder, which gets you slightly off the ground.

One last piece of advice: keep an eye on the weather and bring a backup tarp or tent in case you need cover halfway through the night.

Would you try cowboy camping?

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