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The TREW Gear Tatoosh Is the Perfect Winter Sports Hard Shell Jacket

Winter weather is here, and ski resorts are open. For some, winter is prime time in the outdoors, and with the right gear, you can love winter weather too. That’s where the TREW Gear Tatoosh Jacket comes in.

TREW Gear focuses on high-performance ski and snowboard clothing without a crushing price tag. The Tatoosh Jacket is lightweight, waterproof, and has a zipper and pocket for almost anything. 

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(Source: TREW Gear)

The TREW Gear Tatoosh

The first chance I got after the weather dropped below freezing, I threw this jacket on, and it definitely held up. At no point in time did I feel cold. Even in strong wind, the jacket’s fabric shielded me from the cold. At the same time, the jacket has great ventilation, so when you start feeling too warm, you have options. There are even zippers near the armpits you can unzip to help cool down your core quickly.

Other design features include front chest pockets for items like your phone or lift pass, hand pockets, and interior pockets. You can even fit a helmet beneath the adjustable hood, making it easy to stay warm and safe.

TREW skiing jacket
(Source: TREW Gear)

It’s easy to move around when wearing the Tatoosh, and that’s really important when you’re exploring outdoors. Whether you’re wearing this while skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing, you have complete use of your arms without anything slowing you down. The jacket is also lightweight, just 37.5 ounces (about two pounds), which is necessary when you’re layering up. 

When up against water, I found the jacket has a strong repellent and kept me dry, which will be helpful next time I’m on the slopes.

TREW winter jacket
(Source: TREW Gear)

Finally, while $350 is not exactly cheap, this jacket seems affordable compared to a lot of the competition. TREW also has Tatoosh bibs and snow pants for those looking to match as they complete their outer layers. 

The TREW Gear Tatoosh Jacket is an excellent buy for anyone new or experienced in the world of winter sports. The sleek design keeps you warm and ready for big days on the mountain. 

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