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This Pint-Sized Ninja Warrior Kid Is Stronger Than You

A recently shared viral video on social media captures a kid whose workout routine is the envy of plenty of gym fans. Nine-year-old Easton Fletcher is a Ninja Warrior World Cup champion. His father recently reworked their backyard setup, showing off what Easton does best.

In the clip, Easton starts running through the obstacle course with balance beams. He then switches to monkey bars, down climbing, and finishes with a front flip to complete the course.

His father, Chris Fletcher, can be heard cheering him on the whole time. He posted the video saying, “The kid blows me away every time.”

People who watched the video were also impressed. With over 2 million views, people said things like, “This is absolutely incredible parenting. You can tell it’s not forced either. It’s pure & loving. The kid’s face is so happy at the end.” Also, “This is what I wanna see kids do when they say ‘watch this.’”

Easton is not new to media attention. Articles highlighting his athletic pursuits have even dubbed him a “mini-Tarzen.”

Similar to the trend of rock climbing gyms, ninja warrior gyms have grown exponentially as well. The trend is in line with the popularity of the TV show. NBC News reports there’s at least one gym in every state. The sport has become so popular that there are talks of adding it to the Olympics in 2028.

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