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Tuck-A-Way Campground in Wisconsin

Tuck-A-Way Campground in Wisconsin

Camp Wisconsin: I’m talking with Shelly today. She’s the Owner at Tuck-A-Way Campground in Wisconsin. Shelly, why don’t you get us started with a little bit of background on Tuck-A-Way Campground?

Shelly: Sure. My grandparents actually bought the land and and were asked by Devils Lake State Park if they could take some of their overflow along with my grandmother’s twin sister, which has another campground. So, when they did that, they ended up clearing some more land and putting a lake in and campsites in for tent camping.

Camp Wisconsin: Wow, okay. And when about did all that happen?

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Tuck-A-Way Campground in Wisconsin

Shelly: It was probably about 50 years ago.

Camp Wisconsin: Oh, okay, and it must have worked out and you’ve been there ever since, having people stay.

Shelly: It’s worked out. We’ve been there ever since. We also have a working farm and a few actual permanent people that stay through the summer, but then fly to the south in the winter.

Camp Wisconsin: Sure.

Shelly: But yes, we have approximately 75 sites.

Camp Wisconsin: Okay, interesting. And what types of camping do you offer there specifically? Is it tent camping all the way up to RV?

Shelly: Correct, and I also have two rental units.

Camp Wisconsin: Oh, great. Tell me a little bit more about those.

Shelly: I have two. The first one is a complete mobile home, which is two bedrooms, a full bathroom, full living room, and full kitchen with a deck out front. And the other one is just a small camper with a deck, but it has one bedroom and a kitchen area.

Camp Wisconsin: Great. And what are the most popular activities for guests there?

Shelly: Swimming and fishing. We do have hiking. We also have a lot of socializing. We have campers that have been here for 30+ years, and so we do a lot of get-togethers and you have an activity center.

Camp Wisconsin: Wow, 30+ years. It certainly looks, from the pictures here, like a very scenic, very relaxing place to be. If I was staying there for an extended period of time and I wanted to venture outside of the campground there, what are some local attractions you might direct me to?

Shelly: The Nation has a casino, which is about 15 miles away. We’re also very close to Wisconsin, which has everything. And Devil’s Lake is only about 10 minutes way.

tuck away resort
Tuck-A-Way Campground in Wisconsin

Camp Wisconsin: Okay, two more questions for you, Shelly. If you were going to just spend one hour at Tuck-A-Way Campground in Wisconsin, how would you spend your time there?

Shelly: Hiking around the pond.

Camp Wisconsin: Nice. And last question: if you were going to spend just one night at Tuck-A-Way Campground, which specific site would you stay at and why?

Shelly: Probably, if I was tenting, we have two or three sites that are right below the pond, and it has a huge campfire and the best view of the stars at night because there is no light close to it. And like I said, the huge campfire pit would be very cool.

Camp Wisconsin: Sure, sounds beautiful. Well, Shelly, thank you so much for taking a little bit of time out of your day to give us a little bit more information around the surrounding area there as well as to tell us about Tuck-A-Way Campground in Wisconsin.

Shelly: Well, thank you, Clint.

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