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Two Guys Jump Off Cliff Into a Popup Tent for No Apparent Reason

For the record, this is not a recommended place to set up your popup tent. In fact, none of what you’re about to see is recommended. For these guys, though, who jump into a tent from the side of a cliff, getting a shocking video is apparently worth the substantial risk of falling to their death.

The Instagram account @touronsofnationalparks shared a video of two men in a popup tent set up on a rock outcrop that’s barely wide enough to fit the tent. The outcrop appears to be a few feet away from the edge of the cliff.

In the video, one man is already inside the tent. A second man leaps into the tent, then the two sit and eat a snack. A third man sits on the cliff edge. One of the guys in the tent reaches over and offers him some chips.

@Touronsofnationalparks doesn’t provide a source for the video, so we don’t know who these guys are or where they are doing this. Perhaps our most burning question, though, is why?

After the footage of the men entering and sitting in the tent, there’s bonus footage of a man jumping backward onto a thin cliff edge. Watch it here:

Generally speaking, if you have to jump over a gap to enter your tent, you’re doing it wrong.

These daredevils got a viral video from their stunt. We just hope their luck doesn’t run out.

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