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Vibram Trek Ascent Insulated Shoes Overview

Overview: The Vibram Trek Ascent Insulated Shoes. One of the biggest obstacles that Vibram has when moving into the colder weather is that they don’t really have anything for cold weather. So you get the whole glove versus mittens argument, in terms of how does that work with your feet. So what Vibram has done is they come out with the Trek Ascent Insulated. This is the first insulated model that uses wool. So it has a full wool insulation all the way through the entirety of the shoe.

It’s got the same designed sole as the other Trek Ascent models. The biggest difference is as opposed to using a Mega Grip compound, this actually uses what’s called Ice Trek. The Ice Trek is going to be great for more slippery surfaces, things like that. Vibram really wanted to make sure they were giving people what they really needed to use in the colder weather. With most Five Fingers, that first step in wet ground can sometimes be a killer because it’s going to get your the toes all wet. With that in mind, they have actually treated the inside of the toes, so that it’s going to give a little more protection and give you a better transit, kind of keeping those toes dry in any kind of a wet weather.

Manufacturer: Vibram
Product Name: Trek Ascent Insulated Shoes

Vibram Treck Ascent
Vibram Trek Ascent Insulated Shoes

Vibram Treck Ascent
Vibram Trek Ascent Insulated Shoes

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