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Viral Video Serves as an Alarming Reminder of How Massive Wolves Are

A recent video shared on social media serves as a good reminder of how massive wolves really are.

@Rainmaker1973 posted a video from the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. You can see a woman petting one of the animals in the video that towers over her. 

Replies to the post include, “I had no idea they get that big” and “I always wondered how big they were, but wisely, I’ve not been so close in the wild.”

The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center offers interactive tours with rescued wolves and wolf-dog hybrids. The organization allows visitors to be among the animals under the close watch of their caretakers. Even though the rescued animals at the center are highly socialized, visitors still sign a waiver acknowledging that these are wild animals. 

The organization focuses on conservation and education, and the popular video on social media is contributing to these efforts. The wolf in the video seems massive because it is; wolves really do get that big. 

gray wolf
After eating a deer, a gray wolf pauses with a piece of hair from the deer stuck on its nose. (Source: Getty Images)

How Big Are Wolves?

Although they may be closely related to some dog breeds, wolves can easily be double the size of your pet. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says gray wolves can grow to be 175 pounds. The size is massive compared to a husky, which on average can make it up to 60 pounds, or an Alaskan Malamute, which can hit 80 pounds. 

Wildlife officials say it’s important to note that wolves’ size depends on climate and location. Colder weather often means a larger wolf, with their larger body size being helpful in dealing with harsh conditions. 

If you’re ever questioning whether you saw a wolf or coyote, remember that coyotes are about a third of the size of wolves. The smaller cousin usually only weighs in at 22-33 pounds when they’re fully grown.

Here’s what you should do if you ever encounter wolves in the wild.

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