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Volodymyr Zelenskyy Thanks Bear Grylls For Spreading Awareness, Visiting Ukraine

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is facing a fierce battle within his borders. A Russian attack began in late-February and the world has anxiously watched — as well as supported — the heroic efforts of the troops and their leader.

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It was recently revealed that adventurer and survivalist Bear Grylls entered the country to meet with Zelenskyy. Grylls posted a heartfelt message to his Instagram after successfully exiting the battleground. Zelensky responded with a message of thanks to the intrepid explorer. It included several powerful images of the pair walking the streets of Kiev.

@beargrylls, thank you for this visit to Ukraine!

“It is important to make the world hear the truth about the struggle of Ukrainians for their freedom and democracy, about the missile terror of the aggressor against our people”

According to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, almost 100B Euros have been donated to the Ukrainian efforts. An estimated 52.3 billion came from the United States. There is another 29.2 billion being provided by the European Union, and another 12.3 billion from other countries.

Zelensky has repeated that he will never negotiate with Russia as long as Vladimir Putin is the leader of the country.

Putin had initially sent troops to Ukraine on February 24, and claimed that it was to “de-Nazify” a pro-Western country. Putin has also called on Ukraine to cease hostilities and has threatening to use nuclear weapons.

Zelensky’s comments came just hours after Grylls had confirmed that he was in the region.

“This week I had the privilege to travel to Kyiv, Ukraine and spend time with President Zelensky,” Grylls posted. “It has been an experience for me like no other. As the country goes into winter and with their infrastructure under attack, survival for millions of people is a very real daily struggle. Through this special programme the world will see a side of President Zelensky that has never been shown before. What I wanted to ask was how he was really coping… I got so much more. Coming soon! Thank you President Zelensky for your hospitality in a trying time. Stay Strong.”

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