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WATCH: Dude Struggles With Kayak While Parachuting off Cliff

The video starts as you would expect. Two guys sitting in a kayak slide down a plastic sheet heading toward the edge of a cliff, and then things go wrong from there. 

BASE jumper Daniel Regan, who posted the video on his social media channels, explained that their goal of jumping out of the kayak “didn’t go as well as we had planned!”

From the front angle, you see the man, identified as “Josh,” at the bow in complete control as he times his jump and chute while Regan, who sits behind Josh, falls with the kayak. 

At first glance, it’s hard to tell what exactly went wrong, but then you see the second video, filmed with a GoPro strapped to Regan. You see he also timed his jump out of the kayak and simultaneously pulled his chute, but then for a millisecond things go very wrong. 

The boat pulls Regan, causing him to flip and temporarily get tangled in his parachute. When the chute opens, though, he’s jerked upright. 

If you watch closely in the first video, you can see his head snap like a whip. And in the second, you can see him grab his head, keeping it straight. 

Regan explained that the kayak slid slower than they expected and that the boat also reacted differently than he expected after it bumped Josh out. 

“Very lucky to have gotten away with this one with just a sore neck,” Regan wrote. “I’ll be wearing my dunce hat for a little bit! Step back from the super gnarly shit and keep it safe!”

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