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‘Go Marmot Go’: Hitchiking Marmot Provides Brief Comment After Being Rescued From Garage

Colorado Parks and Wildlife say a rescued marmot that hitchhiked its way into the city of Wheat Ridge has been set free in the wild.

If you’ve ever hiked in the Rocky Mountains, there’s a good chance you’ve come across a marmot. The animal is a very large ground squirrel that often approaches hikers with their round little bodies and squeaky, high-pitched squeals. 

Park rangers posted a video of the animal’s release into Staunton State Park. There’s no official word on how it made its way to Wheat Ridge. The city is a suburb just outside Denver city limits, far from what marmots call home.

However, plenty of marmots call Staunton State Park home. Parts of the park sit above 10,000 feet of elevation making it an ideal place for the animal. In fact, marmots are so plentiful in the park they’ve become an official mascot. The animals will soon prepare to hibernate as winter approaches and the mountains become snow-covered. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife jokingly posted a second video of the rescued marmot, saying the animal had little to say about the situation.

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