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WATCH: Dolphins Swimming Through Bioluminescence

Patrick Coyne is a Los Angeles photographer who recently captured some beautiful moments of bioluminescence in the oceans around Orange County, California. In his first post, he filmed a friend stepping into the shimmering water and wading through a sparkling ocean. He said as soon as they touched the water, it lit up brightly.

In a second post, he captured the incredible sight of dolphins swimming through the bioluminescence. It happened whilst Patrick was on a wildlife watching tour with Newport Coastal Adventure

“The bioluminescence has been absolutely unreal and last night we filmed dolphins swimming in it again!” Patrick shared on Instagram. 

Watch it here:

Bioluminescence is created by a chemical reaction inside the bodies of living things, usually organisms found in the ocean, including fish and bacteria. It is a much rarer sight to see on land, but species such as fireflies and fungi can also create their own light. 

There are two chemicals required for the reaction to occur: luciferin and photoprotein. Many other variables, including water temperature, have to be right for this glittering spectacle to take place.  

If you want to experience bioluminescence, try kayaking the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, which is another place to witness this magical phenomenon. 

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