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WATCH: Girl VERY Narrowly Avoids Terrifying Lightning Strikes

A young teenage girl is lucky after very narrowly avoiding a lightning strike (or five lightning strikes?)—it was too many, and too close. 15-year-old Saniya Kumari was filming a video for social media on a terrace in India when lightning struck a metal roof right next to her, multiple times. The shocking video has gone viral.

South India’s SDC World shared the video on X, saying the event happened in Bihar’s Sitamarhi district. Shortly after the recording begins, you see a split second of Kumari dancing before the sky lights up and you hear several massive cracks and booms, which sound like bombs. Kumari runs and takes cover.

The video is just 11 seconds long, and the lightning only takes up a couple of seconds before it’s gone. You’re left staring at the pouring rain, wondering how loud that must have been in real life.

Watch a girl barely avoid lightning here:

The Sitamarhi district reportedly has been experiencing “adverse weather” since mid-week. The area’s monsoon season is just around the corner and typically lasts from July to September. We hope that Kumari records videos indoors during monsoons from now on.

Thankfully, the lightning struck Kumari’s neighbor’s terrace and she was able to get to safety.

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