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Would You Hike with Artificial Intelligence? Ready or Not, the Humane AI Pin Is Here

The latest in artificial intelligence (AI) is launching this week. A company called Humane is releasing its AI Pin. Think of it like a smartphone but without a screen. 

According to The Verge, the AI Pin comes out today after testing the device for most of the year. The pin attaches to your jacket or shirt with magnetics. Without a screen, you’ll use your voice to activate the device. There’s also a built-in camera to show the device objects. This allows you to ask the device questions and other abilities.

hiking with artificial intelligence
The AI Pin. (Source: Humane)

For instance, you’re hiking in Saguaro National Park and could say, “What kind of cactus is that?” And the device will tell you it’s a saguaro. At least, that’s what we understand from the write-up.

The exact details have yet to be determined as it’s just now hitting the market. It’s not cheap either. It starts at $700 with a $24/month subscription. The Humane AI Pin should work separately from your phone. So, it’s not a Bluetooth device like AirPods. However, you can connect your headphones to the Pin. 

For now, Humane is using the T-Mobile network to connect the device online. This is an essential reminder for anyone who plans on taking it outdoors. If you’re somewhere that your phone wouldn’t work, neither will the Humane AI Pin.

One thing that could work out well for outdoor users is the Pin is a voice-activated camera. So, the next time you spot extraordinary wildlife, you don’t need to dig for your phone. You can simply activate the camera with your voice to record what you see.

While the idea of spending time outdoors with technology strapped to your chest may seem odd, there was also a time without smartphones. Even today, people using smartphones still get lost off-trail due to overreliance on technology. A recent story details a lost hiker who tried to follow a non-existent trail on Google Maps.

What do you think? Would you bring AI hiking?

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