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WATCH: Playful Wolf Just Wants a Teeny Bite of a Grizzly’s Meal

Trevor LaClair is a wildlife photographer and nature guide in places like Yellowstone National Park. One of the best wildlife moments he’s ever encountered was last spring in Yellowstone, when he came across a grizzly bear gnawing on a carcass it had pulled from a frozen pond.

LaClair and his group had just settled in to watch the bear when things got so much better. A very playful wolf came to see what the bear would share, but the grizzly was in no mood for the wolf’s puppy antics.

In the video, you see the grizzly standing defensively over its prized carcass as two wolves hover nearby. The bear swats at the wolf that dares get closest and nearly falls into the pond (smooth). But the wolf looks like it’s ready to play fetch. It jumps around, wags its tail, and looks ready to pounce on the bear or that tasty meat.

In fact, not only is the wolf not deterred by the bear’s swat, it looks like it wants to hang out and be friends. We can just imagine the wolf thinking: “C’mon, just one teeny bite? Please? Please?”

Watch the wolf and grizzly here:

In his caption, LaClair says: “This was the best thing I have ever seen. It was hard not to laugh at this interaction. After a while, the grey wolf gave up and laid down nearby, waiting patiently for a piece of meat.”

Eventually, he says the grizzly left and two of the wolves finally got a taste of what remained of the carcass.

“That wolf definitely left me with a huge grin on my face,” added LaClair. “Nature is awesome!”

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