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Watch The Sheer Power of An Osprey as It Drags a Fish From the Ocean

A wildlife photographer captured an amazing video of an osprey plucking a fish from the ocean. The video starts with the bird submerged in the water, pulling itself and its catch out. However, it doesn’t look easy as the bird struggles with the large fish. Fortunately for the bird, and unfortunately for the fish, the bird’s talons are buried deep.

According to photographer Mark Smith, the fish is an Atlantic Menhaden. In his post, Smith writes, “These birds are known for their unbridled determination and their ability to overcome seemingly impossible odds … Glad I’m not a fish.”

Depending on the time of year, ospreys can be found all over North America, usually near a body of water. According to Cornell University’s All About Birds, the birds are fantastic anglers. They typically catch a fish every one in four dives, but sometimes their success rate is as high as 70%. The page says the average time they spend hunting before catching is only 12 minutes, which is “something to think about the next time you throw your line in the water.”

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