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What’s the Little Ladder for on the Back of SUVs? Here’s A Quick Answer to the Social Media Trend Mocking ‘Widdle Wadders’

If you’ve spent enough time around the outdoors, you’ve probably seen several cars, SUVs, and other vehicles with a small ladder leading to the roof. And if you’re on social media enough, you’ve probably also heard the audio clip mocking these tiny ladders, or “widdle waddlers.” While the clip is hilarious, some are asking, what are these little ladders for?

An Instagram account known as MacGyver Dad recently shared a video with the “widdle wadder” audio, and within a week, the post had 185,000 likes and nearly 5,000 comments. 

The small ladder is just a simple vehicle upgrade like roof racks, an extra hitch, or anything else. The ladder makes it easier to get gear up and down from the roof of a vehicle. They’re pretty popular in the off-road community as jeep drivers and other SUVs can store extra camping gear or even a roof-top tent on top. 

A quick search online shows they’re also popular with van lifers or just about anyone who wants to upgrade their ride and have easy access to more storage.

Some people take these vehicle upgrades very seriously, and if you read some of the comments made on the social media trend of mocking these ladders, you’ll see a number of people getting offended. 

So whether you need a little ladder or not, we think it’s best to side with the adage of “hike your own hike.”

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