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Who Goes First? Here Are the Rules for Proper Trail Etiquette

If you’re hiking on a trail and approaching another hiker, biker or horseback rider, do you know who goes first? The question seems simple, but many people outdoors don’t know the answer.

Arizona State Parks recently shared a graphic to help remind everyone whose turn it is.

  • First, runners, hikers and bike riders should all yield to equestrians.
  • Next up, downhill traffic should yield to uphill traffic, so if you’re hiking down a mountain, you should move for those coming up.
  • Finally, cyclists need to yield to everyone.
  • If you’re unsure, you can always give other trail users the right of way.
trail etiquette

The widely accepted trail etiquette exists for safety and to ensure everyone has a great time outdoors.

Here’s some other outdoor etiquette to remember when visiting national parks. 

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