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Wigwam Mills Retro Classic Sock Collection Overview

Overview: Wigwam Mills has a huge line of great products. Featured here are is the Wigwam Mills Classic Retro Sock Collection. We are going to touch on a few different styles they have within this line. First of all, we’re going to start out with a beautiful cotton rag series that is being done both in a stripe and in solids. Great textures. Great to wear with casual shoes. And it has been part of their classic line for many years.

The second, a couple of styles happen to be designs that Wigwam had in their museum, if you will. These are contemporary fibers done in retro designs that they had done years ago. So this collection has a great, heavier weight rag and they also have a lighter weight, nice stripped sock that is being done. Their traditional wool rag sock, Alpine, has been a hiking style for years and they are featuring it again in part of their 110th anniversary.

And the last style is the all weather, with a beautiful wide rib and a little stripped trim. This customer is that more sophisticated urban customer. Socks are being shown when people are rolling the pant cuff up and showing the stripes and showing the interest in the top of the sock. This whole series is being featured in a new package that Wigwam has done which has been designed with a retro logo. And this logo they found in their archives as a pencil sketch and it was used as a wax seal on envelopes back in the 30s. That’s the Retro Series for Wigwam in celebration of the company’s 110th anniversary. Make sure to check out their entire line and get a better look at the Retro Sock Collection here.

Manufacturer: Wigwam Mills
Product Name: Retro Classic Sock

Wigwam Mills Retro Classic Sock Collection

Wigwam Mills Retro Classic Sock Collection

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