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Zuke’s Power Bones: Energy Treats For Dogs

There’s nothing like enjoying a nice long outdoor adventure with your fury four-legged friend, but dogs get tired just like us! To make sure that your pup stays energized and excited for the duration of your hikes or adventures check out Zuke’s Power Bones.


Zuke's Power Bones
Zuke’s Power Bones

It all started with a man named Patrick Meiering and his best friend Zuke, a two year old chocolate lab. They were hiking in the Colorado Mountains and Zuke became exhausted, so Patrick gave him some of his energy bar and Zuke perked right up. Instantly, a lightbulb went off in Patrick’s mind and thus began the journey of creating Zuke’s Power Bones.

Q: What are these?

A: Energy Treats for Dogs.

Q: Why are they beneficial for my pup?

A: They are loaded with pure protein and superfood carbohydrates to support strong muscles and peak performance. They also include apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, cherries, coconut oil, rosemary and turmeric to provide your pup with healthy antioxidants. All of the bones contain high quality whole food ingredients!

Zuke's Power Bones
Energy Treats for Dogs

Q: Will my dog like them?

A: If your dog likes tasty chicken, beef and fresh peanut butter, then yes.

Q: Why trust Zuke’s?

A: Zuke’s has been a strong natural pet treat brand for 20 long years! Their products are sold country wide in pet-supply chain stores, independent pet-product stores, natural food retailers and online. Plus, they originate from a pet owner himself, so you know they’re great!

Q: How much do they cost?

A: You can purchase your very own 6oz pouch of Zuke’s Power Bones for $6.99.



Visit Zukes.com for more information on this wonderful energizing treat for your pup! Your dogs will love them.


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