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Using Contractor Bags As Homemade Dry Bags, Ponchos, And More…

At a campsite regular garbage bags are good for one thing – a small amount of garbage. Campsites often have sticks and rocks that will easily rip holes in thin bags.

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You should be using contractor bags. As in 3 ml thick contractor bags. They’re tough as nails, and because of that, can be used for all sorts of other things. Here are just a few of the things I find myself using contractor bags for:

  1. Bungee around a tree for garbage.
  2. Hauling trash for a long distance in your car (not going to leak).
  3. Emergency poncho.
  4. Simple dry sack.
  5. Footprint for smaller tent.
  6. Storing wet or muddy clothes.

Pick some up from Amazon.

How else would you use them?

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