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14 Cool Products to introduce kids to the outdoors for less than $20 on Amazon

Introducing kids to the outdoors can sometimes be tricky, especially for first-time adventurers. We’ve assembled a collection of sure-fire gadgets, gear and exploration tools all designed to introduce kids to the great outdoors. At less than $20 each, it’s a pretty low-risk way to either get…or keep your kids outside.

We hope that you find these products as great as we do. Just an FYI: 50 Campfires may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

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Have a backup for your backup butterfly net for less than $11!

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We know how the old story goes…Give a kid a bug, and he’ll be entertained. Give a kid a set of three telescopic nets, and she’ll be outside catching critters for days!

Kids break nets. With a three pack from Amazon, you’ll save the afternoon!

Leave the sippy cups in the kitchen, and venture out with their own CamelBak!

Photo : Amazon

Just like anything else, right sized gear is always going to encourage confidence. Keep the cheap sippy cups in the kitchen, and send them outside with this .4L Water Bottle covered in prints they’ll love!

The CamelBak Eddy is designed to be easy for young children, eliminating drips and spills for $13.00 on Amazon!

Magnify their world for less than $5.00!

Photo : Amazon

What’s better than a bug, rock or a leaf? A BIG one! The Backyard Safari magnifying glass even comes complete with a hanging loop and carabiner to attach to a backpack!

Pick up their first magnifying glass on Amazon for $4.14.

A bug vacuum that’ll fit right in with their Nerf collection!


We’ve seen nets and tweezers and grabbers…but how about a bug vacuum with a built in LED light and viewing chamber – they’ll be the talk of the woods!

Pluck the bugs safely from the ground, inspect and return them home for less than $15.00 on Amazon.

When the snow flies, the smiles come out with this snowball set!

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Just in time for the cold winter months, this 2-piece snowball set creates perfect snowballs every time – each with their own smiley face embossed! A perfect set for two kids who need an excuse to get into a cold weather showdown!

For less than the cost of two Happy Meals, get two kids in on the fun with this Smiley Face Snowball Maker for $7.00 on Amazon!

A full size fishing rod that doesn’t take up any space on road trips!

Photo : Amazon

Never make an excuse again for not having a fishing rod packed up for the trip. This collapsible spin rod combo includes the rod, reel and line in a package that easily fits into a child’s backpack!

You’ll have a tough time finding a better setup for $20 than this Pack-It Spin Combo on Amazon!

Looking for more ways to explore? How about a four pack of goodies for the kiddos!

Photo : Amazon

This Outdoor Set for Kids from Back 2 Nature combines a pair of binoculars, flashlight, compass and magnifying glass into a sub-$25.00 package.

It’ll be tough to get bored with this many ways to explore, snag it on Amazon for $24.99

Get them into the water with this fun life jacket


Kids love to have gear that’s made just for them, and the Puddle Jumper life jacket by Stearns is no exception. Pick one of these up, and have it ready to go whenever the water is calling!

Be safe and ready to go with the Puddle Jumper life jacket for less than $16 on Amazon!

If your kids love bugs, here’s the kit for you!

Photo : Amazon

It’s time to get up close and personal with this set that includes net, tongs, tweezers and even a 3-part habitat (meaning they’ll never have to touch a bug…if they don’t want to!)

It’s time to take bugs from creepy & crawly to up close & personal with this 7 piece kit on Amazon for $19.99.

This flashlight is more than light…it’s cute!

Photo : Amazon

We all know that kids love gear that’s made for them. This Pretty Petals Flower Flashlight definitely ups the ante – with an ideal size for smaller hands, and a design that’d make the My Little Ponies squeal.

Pick up the Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Flashlight for under $8 on Amazon.

Get the whole family involved with this Scavenger Hunt card game


Sometimes you need an activity that lasts a few minutes, while others require a full day to keep a child’s attention span. The cards in the gofindit deck can be combined for older kids, or singled down for younger explorers!

Add the Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt card game to your Amazon cart for $12.50

Bragging rights for days with a digital fish scale and tape measure!

Photo : Amazon

If you’ve got a kiddo that loves fishing, then you already know how much the love bragging about their catch. Up their game, and minimize their “fish stories” with this digital scale.

Document their fishing memories with this LCD fishing scale and measure from Amazon Prime for $12.00!

Be ready for anything…including the backyard with a Paracord bracelet.

Photo : Amazon

When we were kids, it’s was a dull Rambo Knife that created confidence for exploring in the woods. Times have changed, and paracord is not only practical – but a fashion accessory that creates a connection to the outdoors.

Check out this adjustable Paracord Survival Bracelet on Amazon for less than $9.00

If you’re child loves arts & crafts, be sure to check out this DIY paracord bracelet maker for just $10.00 on Amazon!

Digging for worms and splashing in puddles requires the right footwear!


While it might come as a surprise, Crocs are still an amazing choice for kids who spend time outdoors. I mean, who really wants to ruin their good school shoes while pouncing through puddles?

Kids Crocs are available in just about every color under the sun, and start well below $20 on Amazon!

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