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5 Tips For Healthy Camping

We’re all guilty of it. The weekend comes, and we feel like we deserve a reward for working all week. We throw caution to the wind and fill our plates a little more than we ordinarily would. “Hey, I’m on vacation!” That might be true, but it makes a big difference in our energy levels and overall health if we can keep things in check, even when out at a campsite. Here are 5 tips for healthy camping that will keep you from back peddling.

Paul Bunyan's Secret Workout

1. Start the day with a few body resistance exercises.

Squats and pushups are a great way to get the blood moving in the morning. We’re not talking about a full gym routine here. 2 sets of 20-30 squats and 10-20 pushups is sufficient to give your muscles a little jumpstart to the day. If you’re a little more inspired you can dig into Paul Bunyan’s Secret Workout.


Healthy camping
5 Tips For Healthy Camping – explore

2. Make it a goal to explore everything

Hike to that lookout. Hightail it to the boardwalk on the lake. Hike down to the creek on the map. You took the time to drive to a new destination, so take the time to explore all of it.


healthy camping
5 Tips For Healthy Camping – hike

3. Hike scantily clad

If it’s cool outside (or even winter), you can burn more calories by allowing yourself to become cold. It activates your brown adipose tissue and will make your 5K hike that much more productive.


healthy camping
5 Tips For Healthy Camping – pass on junk food

4. Pass on the potato chips

We know how easy it is to fill up the picnic table with junk food, and hey – it’s delicious, but it sure isn’t healthy camping. Do your best to minimize this. When people eat better they have more energy to do the things they came to do (see #2).


healthy eating
5 Tips For Healthy Camping – eat less

5. Just eat less

The main reason most people become overweight is simply overeating. It takes your body about 20 minutes to tell your brain it’s full (annoying), so chill out after one hotdog. Sure you could eat three, but you’ll end up stuffed and uncomfortable (you know you will). Besides, you need to save calories for the beer.

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