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A New Species of Anaconda Measures a Record-Breaking 26 Feet

Anacondas are already known to be massive snakes. These snakes primarily live in the Amazon and can measure up to 20 feet. However, a researcher says they recently discovered that the green anaconda snake is actually two different species. A recent specimen of the new species measures 26 feet long. 

Freek Vonk, a wildlife biologist and TV presenter, says the new species is found in northern South America and includes Venezuela, Suriname, and French Guyana. Although the animal looks identical to the green anaconda, its genetic makeup is 5.5% different.

“To put this in perspective: humans and chimps are genetically different only about 2% from each other,” explains Vonk in a social media post.

Vonk shared this clip of him getting really close to the new snake while swimming underwater:

In the video, you can see the large snake, which seems strangely docile despite Hollywood’s portrayal of an anaconda.

This anaconda is the largest snake Vonk has ever seen. The body is as thick as a car tire. The animal measures about 26 feet and weighs around 440 pounds.

“I’ve discovered a new species before, but that was a small snake from Australia,” wrote Vonk in his post. “Now it’s about a mythical and legendary animal, one that I can fit four times! Definitely one of the highlights of my scientific career. Also, because this snake can be found in the Amazon, a place that feels like home to me.”

Vonk has named the new species of snake the “northern green anaconda.” Vonk says the species’ Latin name is Eunectes akayima. The word “akayima” comes from several indigenous languages of northern South America and means “big snake.”

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  1. there’s a lot of different info about this, one saying there are ‘anecdotal’ reports of 7.5 meter specimens, which is 24.6 feet. Nothing indicates the snake in the video is one of these anecdotal specimens. They apparently found a 20 foot version, not sure if that’s the one in the video. Seems like some exaggeration and misinterpretation of his text is going on here.

  2. The cover image for “A New Species of Anaconda Measures a Record-Breaking 26 Feet” is of a reticulated python not a green anaconda.

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