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Yellowstone Trail Camera Captures All the Interesting ‘Toys’ That Momma Wolves Find and Bring Home to Their Pups

Yellowstone National Park has worked to regrow a local wolf population over the last few years. Part of that work is keeping an eye on the ten wolfpacks that now call the park home.

The national park released a new video showing wolves from the Mollies Pack returning to their den throughout the spring, and each clip shows them dragging something new home. 

Park officials say the adult wolves leave to hunt and find food for the pups. However, when they come up empty, they’ll bring back “toys.”  

The video shows the wolves carrying back a collection of different items, especially different bones and parts of an array of animals. In Yellowstone’s post, they say, “The instinct to bring items back to the den may be reinforced by evolution and probably helps keep adults from being mobbed by sharp puppy teeth.”

Yellowstone officials believe there are about 108 wolves in the park as of this past January. They’re tracking about ten different wolfpacks that each have their territory.

Here’s what you need to know if you encounter a wolf in the wild.

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