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News: Army Vet Camps Out For Veteran Suicide Prevention

Layton Warstler of Illinois is an Army Veteran who has been to Iraq and back, serving four years as a military police officer.  But his latest mission is raising awareness for  veteran suicide prevention: for 22 days, Oct. 1 – 22, he will be camping out on Main Street of Georgetown, IL sleeping in a tent and only living off the food and drinks given to him by community members.

Like many veterans, Warstler suffers from PTSD and understands the battle within that has taken the life of four of his friends. His goal is to raise awareness for veteran suicide.

“22. That’s the average number of veterans that commit suicide a day,” Layton Warstler said.

He said this campaign is not only to honor veterans that have taken their life, but to spread awareness.

“A lot of people came up and told me they didn’t realize it was that serious,” Warstler said.

In creating the campaign, Warstler said he wanted to do something bold that would grab people’s attention.

“Something visual,” he said. “Every day people leave from work, they come home from work, whatever they have to do today, they pretty much have to drive by me and see the statement I’m making.”

Warstler invites anyone to stop in and visit with him on East 7th and Main Street in Georgetown.

Learn more about Mission 22, a national organization to end veteran suicide here.

Story originally reported by foxillinois.com

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