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Athletes Who Fish In The Off-Season

Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys)

The Cowboys quarterback recently took teammates out fishing off Key West in Florida and shared the adventure on Instagram.

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Click through for other NFL, NBA and NHL athletes who turn to fishing during the off-season.

Willie Young (Free Agent)

While waiting to see where he’ll play next season, the former Bears defensive end loves to fish and even has a dedicated Instagram account @willie_young_gone_fishing97

Brian Robison (Minnesota Vikings)

When he’s not racking up sacks this veteran defensive end is an avid bass fisherman.

Paul George (Oklahoma City Thunder)

When he’s not dunking the OKC All-Star relaxes with some catching.

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Lance Thomas (New York Knicks)

When he’s not at the Garden the New Jersey native heads south in search of grouper.

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Mark Scheifele (Winnipeg Jets)

When the playoffs end, the Jets center trades his stick for a rod and hits the lakes.

Anders Lee (New York Islanders)

The Islanders winger joined the @SturgeonSlayers and landed a spectacular sturgeon in Canada.

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