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St. Croix Eyecon Rods for Walleye Fishing

St Croix Rod offers a model for every spring walleye endeavor. The Eyecon series was developed to accommodate every possible technique. Whether your walleye season is about to start, or its open all year round, these spring tactics and rod recommendations will put you on the path to walleye fishing success.

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Eyecon Riggin’ one-piece (ECS70MLF) and two-piece (ECS70MLF2):

Lindy, or live bait rigging, is perhaps walleye fishing’s most versatile and venerable technique. The Eyecon Riggin’ spinning rod, one or two-piece, puts feel in your hand and walleyes in the boat. At 7′, with a medium-light power and fast-action, the Eyecon Riggin’ rod telegraphs bottom bumps and yields a sweet, sweeping hookset.

Eyecon Drift-N-Float (ECS80MLF2):

Setting the fish with this technique can be a challenge, especially with a rod too short and stiff. Spanning 8′ from butt to tip, the medium-light power, fast-action Eyecon Drift-N-Float mops up the slack, so you set the fish, not a bunch of limp line and disappointment.

Eyecon Snap Jigging (ECS68MXF):

One of the more recent adaptations to jigging is “snap jigging.” Instead of rhythmically pumping or hopping the jig, you snap it vigorously, then let the jig freefall or descend on a semi-taunt line. St. Croix has designed a rod specifically for this precision method. The 6’8″, medium-power, extra-fast-action Eyecon Snap Jigging rod has the brute strength to jerk a jig with impunity, giving it immediate and aggressive animation, yet the fighting-function to play a massive walleye to the landing net.

Eyecon Crankin’ (ECS70MM):

Crankbaits might be the most underappreciated bait for catching spring walleyes. Crankbaits, more specifically stickbaits, glide through the water like the real thing. And with intermittent snaps, the stickbait appears to be fleeing, and walleyes aren’t wired to let food get away. At 7′, boasting medium-power and moderate-action, the new-for-2017 Eyecon Crankin’ rod is tailor-made for chucking stickbaits great distances; yielding the sensitivity to feel the throb of the wobble; and eliciting the right amount of power to close the deal.

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