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Watch as ‘Unpredictable’ Great White Shark Swims Under a Paddleboarder in California

A visual reminder that wildlife is everywhere. This drone video shows a paddleboarder enjoying the day just feet above a great white shark.

The video comes from Carlos Gauna, aka The Malibu Artist. His popular Instagram and Youtube channel captures sights from the southern California coast. With this video, he says he’s been observing young adult and adult sharks that usually stay further offshore while younger sharks remain closer to the beach. However, lately, he’s seen several large female sharks near the shore. 

In his post, Gauna says he wants to clarify that he’s not a biologist, but he’s not wrong with his observation. A recent study found that young great whites and humans share the water about 97% of the time in some Pacific Ocean beaches. 

While many may find this statistic concerning, scientists who conducted the study say it should make people feel like sharks are less of a threat. The researchers say the water is relatively safe, considering how often people and sharks intermingle versus the number of attacks.

Gauna, The Malibu Artist, hopes his drone videos bring awareness of wildlife and the nature around us. His work has appeared on National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.

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