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Fall Fishing Gear: The Basics

Fishing in the fall can be a great opportunity to get outdoors. Whether you’re new to fishing or looking to make some upgrades, here’s some great fishing gear to check out for your upcoming trips.

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Rods, Reels, Combos, and More

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If you’re just starting out in the world of fishing, you’ll need a fishing rod and reel. You can either buy them separately or in a combo. Make sure you have the right kind of rod and reel for the type of fishing you’re looking to do. If you’re looking for a standard casting rod, you can try a rod from the Ugly Stik Elite collection. The salmon/steelhead casting rod is a lightweight option with a cork handle that still has the toughness that comes with all Ugly Stik products. Make sure you also have enough fishing line,and don’t forget to pick up extra accessories like lures and baits, both hard and soft.


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When it comes to fishing, you don’t usually worry too much about what you’re wearing. However, fishing fashion can be functional.  Pick up a fishing vest that will help keep all your gear in reach. If you’re planning on fishing in some colder climates, grab a bib that will keep you protected from the cold.

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