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Camping Gear For Bonnaroo

The Bonnaroo line-up for 2024 just dropped and it is star-studded. The presale for tickets begins tomorrow, January 11. If you’re getting ready for the festival season and you’re looking to camp through the festival season, you’re going to need to make sure you have the right gear for it.

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Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent 

Image by Coleman

Coleman is a well-trusted brand that has been in the camping industry for over 100 years. This tent by Coleman is the ultimate family camping tent and will keep you and your friends protected from the elements between sets.

The eight-person tent features a hinged doorway and shock-corded poles, and with a durable carrying bag, you can bring this from campsite to campsite for an unforgettable summer of festival experiences. 

When it’s time to take down, there are organizational bags to keep your tent poles and stakes organized. The Montana tent also features self-rolling windows to adjust the temperature during hot days and cold nights, which are great for those nights in the desert.

Mountain Equipment Glacier Regular Sleeping Bag

Image by Mountain Equipment

When it comes to camping, staying warm at night is an important factor. The Glacier Regular Sleeping bag is made to keep you warm and gives you extra room for when you need to stretch out or roll around.

The outer shell is lightweight and will keep you dry if you decide to sleep under the stars for a night, but it is also thermally efficient, making it an excellent sleeping bag for big trips and s variety of adventures. 

Made with pure duck down, the Glacier Regular Sleeping bag even comes with a hood, to keep your head warm when the temperatures dip on chilly evenings.

Primus Alika 2 Burner Camp Stove

Image by Primus

Music festivals and camping with friends are such a fun way to connect with each other, nature, and your favorite musicians. However, the cost can really add up once you factor in tickets, transportation, and lodging. 

Although camping is a relatively inexpensive way to travel, there are still costs that you’ll need to account for, such as festival food. You can cut down on food costs by bringing a camp stove and cooking your own meals. 

Primus has streamlined their stove to make it a 360-degree gathering spot where you can connect over food and the music from the festival. With two different-sized burners, you have options for different pots and pans to cook food evenly. 

Dometic SaniPottie Toilet 966

Image by Dometic

If you’ve been to a music festival, you know those bathroom lines are no joke, and when you got to go, you got to go. This simple, self-contained toilet system is reliable and washes your business when flushed every time.

The SaniPottie is made of high-density polyethylene that’s made to withstand tough, outdoor conditions and is easy to clean. It comes with side-locking latches that are secure to make sure there’s no spillage when traveling.

Make sure you have waste bags, but follow the leave-no-trace principles, and don’t bury waste bags out in the woods. The SaniPottie includes a five-gallon waste tank.

Sun Bum Mineral SPF 30

Image by Sun Bum

The skin care girlies know that even when it’s gray and cloudy out, you still need to protect yourself from the sun. Make sure you’re safe from UV rays by stocking up on sunblock before you head to your campsite and the festival.

Sun Bum is a great option because it is mineral-based, meaning it can be used anywhere, unlike other sunblocks that cannot be used in regions with high volumes of coral reefs.

Sun Bum’s mineral sunblock is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and paraben-free. The active ingredient in this sunscreen is zinc oxide.

Image by Bonnaroo
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