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Bear Grylls Details Exactly What He Eats When He Returns From Adventure

As far as ‘normalcy’ goes, much of what Bear Grylls does would not rate for the average human. Sure, you may like camping but part of your normal retreat does not involve eating goat testicles or drinking urine. Okay, maybe his normal doesn’t either, but the fact that they are on his list stands out.

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One thing that he does that is exceedingly normal is return home to a good meal.

The survivalist expert told GQ that after an adventure he likes to settle in with a very specific dinner.

“I’ll make a burger from grass-fed mince, with cheese and an egg on top, cooked in tallow, fry some white rice in it,” he told the outlet.

A mince burger is very similar to an American hamburger. They are made from finely chopped patties of chopped (minced) meat. It is usually beef but can also be lamb, chicken, or man other meats. In this instance, we assume it is beef. Tallow, is usually either rendered beef or mutton fat.

Decidedly normal, Bear!

But what would he do for sides?

“A scoop of bone marrow, and a massive tub of Greek yogurt, and honey and berries,” he added. “If I was to have a treat, I’d have some cocktails and a sourdough pizza. Maybe a good British roast, sticky toffee pudding. And freshly squeezed orange juice. I found eating like this, I have fewer cravings.”


Grylls’ last venture took him into Ukraine to visit with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The two toured Kiev and, presumably, discussed the state of affairs in war-torn Ukraine.

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