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The Best Men’s Vests for 2024

Are you tired of endlessly searching for the perfect vest that seamlessly combines style and comfort with your life?

It’s a common struggle many of us face, trying to strike that delicate balance between form and function. But fear not, because the solution you’ve been seeking is finally here in our guide to the best men’s vests.

Gone are the days of endlessly scrolling through options that just don’t quite hit the mark. Say goodbye to the frustration of settling for subpar quality or sacrificing style for comfort. These vests will keep you comfortable in the cool air without leaving you overheated and sweaty.

In this comprehensive guide to the best vests, we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know about finding the perfect vest for your wardrobe. From understanding the different styles and materials available to tips on how to style your vest for any occasion, we’ve got you covered.

Our top pick is the Patagonia Better Sweater Vest. This versatile, timeless vest is the epitome of a vest that will meet all your needs and look great at the same time, whether you are skiing all day or hitting the city at the end of a long day.

But that’s not all: we’ve got picks for the active guy, those best for the workman, the best for hiking, the best for extreme temps, and more. Read on to see our picks for the eight best men’s vests for 2024.

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Best Overall: Patagonia Better Sweater Vest

Image by Patagonia

Our favorite sweater vest or fleece vest is the Patagonia Better Sweater Vest because of its versatility, comfort, and combination with style all in one. The Better Sweater Vest is the workhorse of vests because you can use it to do anything.

This sweater vest works if you are going to the gym, head out hiking, it works as an extra layer under a ski jacket, and it works if you want to look smart. Plus, it’s comfy and soft.

When it comes to low-impact fabrication, this sweater fleece vest takes the cake. It’s made from recycled polyester, is fair trade, and colored through a lower-impact dying process. This sweater fleece vest is warm, and soft and will last you forever it’s so durable.

This soft sweater vest has a collar for a bit of extra protection and off-set shoulder seams which help if you are wearing a backpack and for general movement and comfort. It includes two welted, zippered handwarmer pockets, and one vertical, zippered left-chest security pocket.

The armholes are brushed so they’re extra soft and they use flat seams to make the sweater vest less bulky. It works, it’s still; only around 400 grams.

This lightweight but soft sweater vest will soon become your favorite vest that you wear every day, whether you’re on the mountain or heading to the office for work. It’s a staple for any outdoorsman’s closet that is built to last.

Best for Activity: Arc’teryx Norvan Insulated Vest

Image by Arc’teryx

This cool, incredibly lightweight but warm vest, is the best option for people who want to sweat and stay warm like trail runners, skiers, and hikers.

This vest is breathable as well as wind resistant and ultralight. It’s made for active use, so it’s going to dry extremely quickly and offer protection against getting cold while exercising.

One of the most outstanding features of this vest is its sleek look. You can seamlessly wear it anywhere and it’s not going to stand out with a puffy exterior.

It’s streamlined specifically for ultra mountain running, but it doubles easily as a city vest since it’s plain, simple, and with excellent design – a characteristic of Arc’teryx that comes with the hefty price tag.

The insulation may feel light and thin but it’s extremely warm and made for cold weather. The 40gsm Coreloft™ insulation is synthetic, so it’s washable and easy to care for and will not be compromised in warmth if it gets cold.

The exterior Fortius™ Air 20 face fabric controls your core’s climate while the DWR (durable water-repellant) finish protects against moisture. Compressible and packable, you can pack this bad boy into itself.

The minimalist design has a streamlined fit that provides comfort when exercising for extended periods of time without being bulky, bouncing, or moving around.

Best for Storage: Filson Down Cruiser Vest

Image by Filson

Any Washington woodsman is going to feel right at home in the Filson Down Cruiser Vest. This outstanding vest has a beautiful oiled cotton exterior. This protective coaching, not only has a rugged and rustic appearance but also works to protect against cold weather and light right.

It’s a great vest for spending all day in the forest or outdoors but with the need to stay extra warm. It has a 650-fill goose down and coupled with the exterior and coating provides optimal warmth.

It has an addition of merino wool on the collar for extra warmth and a thin nylon interior that adds comfort but not bulk. It features tons of places to store things, which we love.

Two on the side for hands, two on the chest, one that closes with a snap-flap, and one that is slotted as a utility pocket, as well as an interior chest pocket. Whether you’re working outside or need your pens, notebook, or tools to hand, its usefulness makes this incredibly well-made favorite.

The pairing of the traceable and certified RDS (Responsible Down Standard) goose down sewn thoughtfully and distributed well to provide extra comfort and warmth, makes wearing this vest feel like a jacket and provides all the warmth you’ll need if you’re working or adventuring outside.

Best for Style: Cotopaxi Fuego Down Vest

Image by Cotopaxi

This vest oozes style and is also incredibly warm. This colorful vest is our top pick if you want to be warm and look cool at the same time. With a slim and sleek design, it works great to layer under a shell jacket for a day out skiing and it works as a standalone over a longsleeve. It’s also super lightweight.

You’ll find yourself going back to this down vest season after season missing that cozy feeling when worn. It’s insulated with 800-fill responsibly sourced down and weighs just under 400 grams protected by rugged yet light 20D ripstop nylon to keep your jacket from leaking feathers year by year.

At the waist, you’ll find a drawcord so you can nail down the bottom to keep all your core warm and regular your temperature. A DWR finish protects it, so you won’t get cold if it starts to rain a little. There are three pockets, including an interior stash and two front-zippered ones to carry anything you need.

Some of the vest’ more interesting and thoughtful features include the elastic binding at the armholes. This jacket has come back to Cotopaxi season to season and they work every year to improve the comfort and fit of this well-loved vest. The elastic bindings allow more range of movement as well as keep the winter wind from getting in.

The streamlined design of the Fuego Down Vest is what keeps us going back to it on those unpredictable and in-between type days of fall weather. Cotopaxi has been updating it season after season to make it even more comfortable and effective.

Reviews say it runs small, so you may want to size up. It has a slimmer, sleek design to sit close to our body, elastic armholes to close in the heat of the highly warm 800-fill down, and a light yet strong nylon face fabric for many seasons of adventure. When the fun is over, pack it down into its internal compression pocket and call it a day.

Best for Hiking: Fjallraven Expedition X-Latt Insulated Vest

Image by Fjallraven

This light and packable vest is designed for casual use while hiking and trekking. With synthetic padding for extra comfort, it’s perfect to wear over a base layer or a thin fleece while hiking overnight or just for the day.

This light vest is more rugged and ready for whatever may come your way on the trail. Unlike many of the other vests on our list, the Fjallraven Expedition is sustainably made from recycled materials. They use a recycled polyamide, which is a recycled form of nylon.

The synthetic interior is a recycled polyester which means that it won’t be cold if it gets wet, especially important when hiking in winter. The fabrics are wind and water-resistant, so will hold up for the long hours you’ll spend outside. There are hand and inner pockets, a drawcord at the bottom, and a two-way zipper.

Best for Street to Outdoor: The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse Vest

Image by the North Face

We absolutely love this beast of a vest from The North Face. Not only is it stylish, 1996 style to be exact. The North Face delivered again and created a vest for casual use that is very warm.

Don’t be fooled, just because it looks great doesn’t mean it’s not top-quality outdoor gear. The North Face rates this vest a three out of three for warmth. Coming in an assortment of styles and colors, this North Face Vest has a boxy silhouette means you’ll look cool on chilly days yet be toasty warm.

This North Face vest is incredibly durable. They have a Taffeta overlay on the collar and yoke which protects the vest against wear and they use a ripstop fabric on the exterior so you don’t end up with holes if you accidentally brush up against rock.

There is 700 fill goose down to keep you roaring hot when it’s cold in this amazing, oversized vest. The North Face includes some of the useful standard features of a Non-PFC DWR finish and a cord at the hem.

There are some extra North Face-only features to this vest, like an attached hood that can tuck away into the collar, and plenty of storage space. Although it doesn’t pack down to the smallest size, the vest will compress down into its own pocket so it’s easily packable on a trip.

Best for Extreme Temps: Canada Goose Garson Black Label Vest

Image by Canada Goose

You can’t beat quality when it comes to Canada Goose. Their products come with a lifetime warranty and promise a level of warmth and comfort that doesn’t stand up to many other brands when it comes to expedition-level warmth and protection for the lowest of temperatures.

If you’re heading out in unpredictable weather conditions, the Canada Goose Garson Black Label Vest should be the first thing you put in your bag. It’s longer in the back, so you won’t feel that slight keep of wind sneaking in through. Bury your hands into the outer pockets (with sections for hand warmers and hidden snaps) and use the interior one with a zipper to keep your money and keys safe.

They’ve designed the vest to protect against the sharp biting wind. There’s a leather-trimmed standing collar that will shield you from the nastiest of chills. It has extra features like a storm flap over the center zipper with snaps to keep that wind out for good and a tricot-lined chin guard to protect the face.

Take on unpredictable weather conditions with a classic, quilt-through vest that offers enduring warmth where it’s needed most. Wear it on its own or layered under a softshell for premium comfort.

They use Recycled Organic Arctic Tech® to make the jacket, which is a mix of recycled polyester and organic cotton. This jacket ages well and like a fine wine gets better and better. The fabric is very durable and includes a water-repellent finish to keep the interior, and you, dry, protected, and warm.

Best for Coziness: Fjallraven Vardag Pile Fleece Vest

Image by Fjallraven

It’s easy to tell why we voted it the coziest sweater vest. This uber comfortable thick pile fleece vest is the kind of vest you’d wear if you want to feel like you’re getting a hug all day long. For a casual vest, it’s surprisingly made from recycled fabrics with Fjallraven’s sustainable G-1000 fabric.

This vest pulls double duty for both comfort and warmth. It feels so good, you’ll never want to take it off. The thick bonded pile fleece is made from recycled fabrics and has a cool contract color to add to its style. It’s super robust, even being so fluffy, and is great for everyday use.

There are zippered pockets and the vest features a baggy fit that is both stylish and ready to keep your core warm with an extra layer underneath.

There is an inside placket so you can regulate your temperature more easily if you get too warm, and the elastic binding at the hem, collar, and cuffs means it won’t feel tight or pull on your body as you get up to all your cozy adventures.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for In a Vest

Buying a vest can be overwhelming with so many options to choose from, but making sure the vest is designed for your lifestyle will be the best way to go.

Things to examine when you’re buying a vest are the fabric and material, the weight of the warmth, the style that matches your needs, and the versatility and features that you’ll need depending on what you want to use it for.


The fabric composition of the vest defines what you’ll be able to use it for. A fleece vest is a warming vest that works great as a mid-layer or something to add on if you are heading outside but don’t want to add a full jacket and need a bit of wind protector.

Look at fabrics such as wool for warmth and comfort, down for insulation, fleece for coziness, or technical fabrics for more rigorous outdoor sports.

A down vest will be the warmest option and will keep you feeling cozy without being overly bulky. Down vests are generally better for either city activities or sports, as a technical down vest will provide warmth without getting in your way as you make moves on the slopes.

A vest that is just designed for warmth, will typically have a down or synthetic material but won’t be as light and will usually have a protective covering, like the Filson Down Cruiser Vest, will means the vest will not only last longer but hold up to wear and tear.

A light and technical vest with minimal filling, that is quick drying and is made to wick moisture will be a good pick if you’re looking to do extensive exercises outdoors like running.


The style of the vest will align with the outdoor gear and activity that you plan to use it for. Timeless designs like the Canada Goose Garson Black Label Vest may provide a better investment if want to have the vest for a very long time and wear it for years.

If you want to stick to your outdoorsy preference, then opt for something that is cross-functional and great for the trail and looks smart, you can opt for something more technical like the Fjallraven Expedition X-Latt Insulated Vest.


Many of the vests offer standard features such as three pockets and a rain protectant coating on the top layer, but consider any additional features or functionalities that may enhance the vest’s performance for your chosen activity.

Extra padding, snap-over zippers for wind protection, or a higher collar with a fleece brushing to protect your face are all features you’ll want to consider. You may want an adjustable bottom cord or a zip pocket on the front. Figure out what features you most like and choose a vest that fits your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best men’s vest?

Our pick for the best men’s vest is the Patagonia Better Sweater Vest because it combines a little bit of all the best features of all the other vests into one. Choosing the best vest for you will depend on individual preferences, style, and intended use.

However, some popular options that often receive high praise include down vests and fleece vests offering lightweight insulation and sustainability. Durable and coated vests feature windproof and water-resistant materials for outdoors or in extreme weather.

A slim-fit vest with a modern style for running and skiing is favored and cozy fleece vests that are baggy and designed with style are a great pick for someone more concerned with style than technical features for sports.

Are vests in style for 2024 for men?

A vest is a timeless and versatile staple in men’s fashion. They are versatile and are a great way to add warmth without the bulk of a coat.

What do guys wear under vests?

Guys typically wear a variety of clothing items under a vest, depending on the occasion and activity. In a relaxed setting, such as social events, you can pair a vest with a T-shirt, flannel, button-down, or long-sleeve top.

During cooler weather, men may layer a vest over a sweater or base layer for added warmth. Options for sweaters that pair well with a vest include a turtleneck sweater for a sleek and refined aesthetic or polo shirts for a more sporty look.

Check out our picks for the Best Hiking Shirts to layer under your vest.

What is the best material and insulation type for a men’s vest?

Determine what you’ll be using the vest for and that will determine the material and insulation that makes the most sense for you. Common materials include wool for warmth, down for insulation, and technical fabrics for outdoor sports such as running or hiking.

How should a men’s vest fit?

A men’s vest should fit the torso snugly but comfortably, with enough room for layering underneath clothing. It should follow the contours of the body without feeling restrictive, and the armholes should be neither too tight nor too loose.

Are vests suitable for outdoor activities?

A vest can be worn for outdoor sports when made from technical fabrics that offer insulation, breathability, and weather resistance. Look for vests with features like water-resistant coatings and moisture-wicking properties for added functionality as well as a lighter weight for easy layering.

What is the warmest vest for men?

The warmest vest will include a down or synthetic interior and is baffled for more warmth. A vest with a thicker outer layer protecting the door will also be warmer than just a simple down vest, as they tend to be wind resistant but not windproof. A thicker outer layer, like on the Canada Goose Garson Black Label Vest, ensures that the vest will be much warmer than a simple down vest. Look for features like covered zippers, a longer back, and a higher collar for extra warmth and protection.

The Best Men’s Vests

Finding the perfect men’s vest can be a challenging task, but with the right guidance, you can discover the ideal balance of style, comfort, and functionality. Whether you’re seeking warmth for outdoor adventures, sophistication for formal occasions, or versatility for everyday wear, the options are plentiful.

Consider factors such as material, insulation type, fit, and intended use when selecting your ideal vest. From classic fleece vests to technical performance options, there’s a vest to suit any man.

Our top pick is the soft Patagonia Better Sweater Vest which stands out for its versatility, comfort, and timeless design. With its combination of style, warmth, and durability, it’s a staple piece that can be worn seamlessly at the crag, mountain, or resort or just around town.

Regardless of your choice, investing in a quality men’s vest will take your winter from good to great. Sometimes a jacket is just too much and a vest will carry you towards a better day. Whether you’re hitting the trails, running your next marathon, or just want to be cozy without a jacket, we’ve got all the best vests chosen for you.

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