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Best Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Now that it’s October, a lot of us are getting ready for spooky season. Start planning your Halloween costume now, and get your home ready for the spooky celebrations as well. Here are some of our favorite outdoor Halloween decorations to get the season started off right.

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12-Foot Giant Skeleton

Image by Jena Ardell

This giant skeleton from Home Depot became a bit of an internet sensation last year due to its enormous size. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use (that is if you can fit it inside), and it has glowing eyes that are truly eerie. If you just can’t bear to take down your giant skelly after the holiday ends, you can always make some giant clothes and dress them up for the other upcoming holidays. (You can even dress it up as Taylor Swift.)

From Your Favorite Movies

The Haunted Mansion

Image by The Disney Company

Choosing a theme to decorate for Halloween can be hard, so why not draw some inspiration from your favorite movies, like The Haunted Mansion? With so many fun and light-hearted scenes, you can decorate for the holidays without being too scary. Grab the well-recognized wall hangs for inside or outside. If you’re looking to recreate the graveyard scene, pick up some headstones with silly sayings that will give off a little bit of spooky energy without scaring any children. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Image by The Disney Company

Though there’s a bit of a debate as to whether or not The Nightmare Before Christmas is a true Halloween movie, this is a popular option for Halloween decorations. Pick up some adorable themed lights to illuminate your walkway like Zero, Oogie Boogie, and Sally. You can even choose a giant Jack Skellington instead of a regular giant skeleton.

Hocus Pocus

Image by the Disney Company

Considered to be a Halloween classic, Hocus Pocus is well-loved by many and brings good fun to the holiday without too many high-level scares. Click “Add to cart” on the Emily Binx and Billy Butcherson headstones. You can also pick up a Billy Butcherson hanging head if you’re really looking to get into the Hocus Pocus spirit. If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, try a Halloween wreath that’s equal parts spooky and welcoming.


Image by Warner Bros Media

Don’t say his name three times. If this is your favorite Halloween movie or musical, get some of these amazing decorations. If you’re looking for something small or you don’t have a yard, this small marquee is a great, simple hanging decoration that doesn’t require a lot of space. If you want to go all out, pick up a Beetlejuice animatronic and a hanging Barb decoration. If those aren’t your thing, try this inflatable sandworm that’s over 8 feet tall.

Other Halloween Movies

Whether it’s Halloween or The Exorcist, choose decorations that will give you and your friends a good spook this Halloween season. Pick up a Michael Myers door hang for a quick and easy decoration. You can also get a Reagan animatronic from The Exorcist for a proper scare. You can also pick up a variety of Chucky dolls.

Good General Halloween Gear

Image by Svitlana Romadina

If you aren’t a huge fan of any specific Halloween movies but you still want to decorate, there are plenty of ways to get into the holiday spirit. Whether you get giant spiders or fogging skulls, you can create a spooky feeling in your yard and home. For decorations that actually have a purpose (besides scaring trick-or-treaters), pick up some Creepy Lantern Pathway Markers to light your walkway for a fun and safe Halloween.

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