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Black Bear Crashes Family Vacation

In late September, Disney World got a surprise visit from a black bear. The bear was spotted near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in the Magic Kingdom and led to parts of the park being closed to visitors. Just a few days later, another bear decided to join a family vacation, this time in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. 

On September 23, 2023, Joseph Barron and his family saw a bear and her three cubs walking toward the cabin, when the mother bear decided to hop the fence to get in on the relaxation. 

According to Yahoo News, Barron and his family were eating on the patio when the bear jumped the fence. Family members began running when Barron dropped his soda and his cousin dropped a slice of bacon on the ground, which the bear promptly ate. 

Though many people traveling to Gatlinburg and the Smokies look forward to seeing bears on their trip, it is important to remember that these are unpredictable wild animals. If you are camping in the woods, never leave food out or unattended, and do not try to feed bears. If you see a black bear in the wild, begin to make noise to scare it off.

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