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Buying Your Camping Food From Patagonia Provisions is a Sustainable Choice

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Patagonia Provisions was created in 2012 to provide outdoors lovers with better, healthier, organic food for pack on adventures big and small.

Everything you buy from the site (yes, it’s owned by Patagonia) offers you sustainably sourced meals that can be used in a number of different, delicious campfire meals. 

Here are a few of our favorites from Patagonia Provisions.

(Be sure to read about specific allergy warnings on each individual product.)

Wild Pink Salmon, Black Pepper

If you’re looking for delicious, smoked salmon with a hint of cracked black pepper to bring with you to camp, this is the meal kit for you. As an excellent source of protein, this salmon will be an excellent option for anyone, even some of your more picky eaters that might be coming on the trip. The salmon filets are packed in olive oil and seasoned with black pepper, brown sugar, garlic, lemon, and onion. 

Organic Black Bean Soup

If you’re looking for a quick and hearty soup that can be made over the fire or at home, this black bean soup is a great option. With a little bit of spice from chipotle chiles and a little bit of sweetness from the corn, this will make an excellent addition to any campfire meal, or make for a great light lunch or dinner before hitting the trails. Black beans are a great crop to plant and harvest, as they replenish the earth while they’re growing.

Organic Kernza Fusilli

With a rough surface making it easy for your favorite sauces to stick, this fusilli from Patagonia Provisions is made with a mix of kernza and semolina, giving it a warm, nutty flavor, perfect for the campgrounds. This low-fat, vegan pasta will make a great, delicious meal that the campers will love. Kernza is a perennial grain that helps replenish the soil and has a strong root system.

Lemon Caper Mackerel

When you’re trying to increase your protein intake, adding something like mackerel to pasta or a salad will elevate your meal. This small fish has a meaty texture and a mild taste, allowing it to add to a meal, without overpowering the other ingredients. Soaked in olive oil, lemon juice, and vinegar, this fish has a tangy taste and the capers allow for a little bit of salt. As a smaller fish, mackerel fall low on the food chain and their levels of toxins are significantly lower than that of a larger fish such as tuna.

Patagonia Provision Tinned Seafood Sampler Box

If you’ve been reading through this so far and thinking about how much you want to try all of these different meals and don’t know which one to start with, you may want to start with the Patagonia Provisions Tinned Seafood sampler box. With a variety of seasoned mussels, mackerel, and anchovies, you’ll be able to try all kinds of new, delicious meals by adding one of these fish samples. Find your new favorite meal with this sampler, and order more of the best.

These buffalo links are made from grass-fed bison that aid in the restoration of the plains by drawing down carbon. These sausage links are shelf stable but should be refrigerated after opening. Lightly seasoned with Swiss chard powder, cherry powder, garlic, and onion powder, these links will make for a great snack to take with you on a hike or add to your favorite campfire meal like a breakfast sandwich or burrito.

Chile Mango Solar Dried Fruit

Made from the Rosa mangos grown in Nicaragua, these sun-dried mango slices offer a delicious snack that you can take on the road with you. With a little bit of spice mixed with the sweetness of the mangos, you can bring the whole pack with you, or just a handful to travel with. With a hint of lime juice, these dried fruit slices have no added sugar. These Chile Mango Solar Dried Fruit slices are manufactured in a facility that uses nuts.

Organic Moloka’i Honey

This honey comes directly from the Hawai’ian Island of Moloka’i. The island is known for its protection against toxins that lead pollinator populations to decline. Because of this, the honey is incredibly pure and the taste doesn’t compare to other honey that you will try during your life. The flavor offers hints of brown sugar and caramel for an exceptionally sweet taste that will keep you wanting more. Do not feed honey to children under one year.

Alaskan Amber & Kelp BBQ Sauce

Made to be tasted under the Northern Lights or on an endless summer night, this sauce is made with amber ale and kelp as well as a number of other delicious ingredients and herbs to enhance any meat you may decide to put this sauce on.

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