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5 Simple Hacks for Cooking Campfire Meals

Whether roughing it or getting ready to go glamping there are ways to make the outdoors even more enjoyable.

Among the activities that you are going to have to figure out — regardless of your style preference — is eating on the regular. And no matter your preference packing less is almost always a benefit when getting outdoors. Buzzfeed Nifty shared some awesome hacks to make camping meals easier & tastier!

There are instructions and specs for these five amazing hacks outlined below:

Spice Case

MATERIALS: 7-day pill case, 7 spices (of your choosing)

INSTRUCTIONS: Open up your pill case and fill the slots with the different spices you would like to take on the go with you. Close the lids. Optional: Label the lids with the names of the spices.

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Coffee Bags

MATERIALS: Coffee grounds, Coffee filter, String

INSTRUCTIONS: Take a coffee filter and fill it with the amount of instant coffee necessary to make a cup of coffee. Tie the filter with a string to keep the instant coffee from falling out. Repeat step 2 as necessary. Pour boiled water into your mug or tumbler, then add the packet of coffee. Let the coffee sit and brew according to packaging instructions. This works with tea as well, just replace the coffee grounds with your loose leaf tea of choice.

Portable Pancake Mix

MATERIALS: Just-add-water pancake mix, Old condiment bottle, Funnel

INSTRUCTIONS: Clean out an old condiment bottle. Using a funnel, fill the bottle approximately ¾ of the way with pancake mix. Keep track of how much pancake mix is in the bottle. At your campsite, add water to the mix according to packaging instructions. Shake the bottle until thoroughly mixed. Squirt the mix onto your pan and cook away!

Open A Food Can Without A Can Opener

MATERIALS: Can of food

INSTRUCTIONS: Take your can of food and flip it upside down. Vigorously grind the can against a rough surface such as a cement floor, gravel floor, or flat stone. Rotate the can as you grind it against the surface to ensure all edges of the seam are being worn down. Slowly, liquid should start dripping out of your can. Flip it over to check if it is opening. Keep grinding the can until all edges are completely worn down and the lid can be removed.

Mold Dinnerware With Foil

MATERIALS: Foil, Dinnerware (that you would like to use as a mold)

INSTRUCTIONS: Take a large piece of foil and fold it in half. Use only as much as is necessary to make your mold. Take the item that you would like to make a mold of, and wrap foil around it. Mold it to the shape. Careful when placing hot food into your foil dinnerware, use a cloth or towel to avoid direct contact with the foil.

There are plenty of tips and tricks for making the outdoors more enjoyable. Check out these 13 other tricks that we have for you. And if this sounds too frustrating to you, pick up a camp coffeemaker!

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