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Camping at Cheaha State Park

Whether you’re interested in camping by yourself, you want to take your significant other, or you are looking to take your family Cheaha State Park is one of those parks that has a little bit of everything to ensure that all of their guests are happy and enjoy their stay with the park. Whether you like swimming, hiking, or relaxing you are sure to find somewhere that you can go at this beautiful park to enjoy your vacation. There are also a number of attractions within 25 miles of the park if you are interested in enjoying more than just the park itself.

Camping at Cheaha State Park

The sheer number of overnight accommodations that Cheaha State Park offers its guests is simply amazing. In terms of lodging the park offers hotel rooms, cabins, chalets, and group lodges. The park offers group camp grounds, primitive campgrounds, and semi primitive campgrounds. All of their campsites have hook-ups, bath houses (with hot water) and 20, 30, and 50 amps of electricity.

Amenities at Cheaha State Park

In addition to campgrounds the park has restaurants, pavilions, group lodges, a museum, a picnic area, a playground, a waterfall, hiking trails, and mountain bike trails.

Things To Do

At this beautiful park the easier question to answer is what can’t you do? At Cheaha State Park you can swim, hike, mountain bike, camp, relax, dine, and observe. It would be a little difficult to get bored or run out of things to do at this park. There is even a gift shop for you to buy some keepsakes to take home with you.

Cheaha State Park
19644 HWY 281
Delta, AL 36258
Phone: (256) 488-5111 or
1-800-ALA-PARK (Option1 for Cheaha State Park. Then, Option 2 For Campground)
Fax: (256) 488-5885
Email: [email protected]

Cheaha State Park Hours
7AM until sundown

Adults (ages 6 and up): $3
Senior Citizens (ages 62 and older): $1

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