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Camping Harrison City RV Park Idaho in Idaho

As the Harrison City RV Park continues to expand its offering for tent campers, it’s becoming a more and more attractive spot for a weekend outdoors. We recently spoke with Sam from Harrison City RV Park, who told us about the renovations they’re making, the amenities of the park and a local watering hole called One Shot Charlies. Listen to our full interview here:


Harrison City RV Park Idaho

Camp Idaho: I’m talking with Sam today. We’re going to talk about Harrison City RV Park in Idaho. How’s it going today, Sam?

Sam: Pretty well. It’s a nice, sunny day here in Idaho.

CI: So, how long have you guys had the RV Park there and how did it come about?

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Prueher
Photo courtesy of Cheryl Prueher

Sam: Basically, Harrison is located on the southern end Coeur d’Alene Lake, and at the base of the lake there, there’s a river that comes through and then we have our marina down there. And so, for about the past, I would say, ten or twelve years, the city has kind of utilized that space as an RV Park and, slowly but surely, kind of upgraded the amenities down there, adding bathrooms and power hookup and a dump station. And it’s just a great spot. It’s right there. Right there, literally, on the Lake.

CI: Cool. How many spots do you have?

Sam: 21.

CI: Okay, so quite a few.

Sam: Yeah.

CI: And what are the most popular attractions in the area? What are some reasons that people might want to come and stay there?


Sam: Since we’re located on the Lake, there are a lot of boats available for rent. There’s also the trails of the quarter lanes; runs right through our small town here along the lake. And so, anybody who’s interested in biking or even walking the trail, it seems to be popular here. We’ve got bike rentals here in town, along with the boat rental. So, you know, if you don’t come prepared, we have things that you can rent to get on the water or get on the trail. We’ve got a little grocery store here. We’ve got a couple bars and restaurants. City Park. And during the summer, we have various events on the weekends and whatnot. So, there’s a lot to do, especially in the summertime.

CI: Okay, sounds good. If I was staying there for the weekend, where do you think the best place to grab a bite to eat is?

Sam: There’s a local place called One Shot Charlie’s.

CI: That’s such a great name.

Sam: Yeah. Yeah, there was actually a man named – you know, his nickname was One Shot Charlie. His shot glass was like a beer mug.

CI: Okay, and is that the local watering hole? It’s a place to get a burger.

Sam: Pretty much yeah. Open year-round, and burgers and sandwiches. And they try and do events too throughout the year. And then the Gateway Marina, which is right down on the water. That’s only open during the summertime, and that’s right by the docks and right on the Lake there, so that gets a lot of traffic in the summertime.

CI: Okay, cool. Now, the RV Park. How do people go about getting a space there? Is it first come, first serve, or can you reserve a space?


Sam: We take reservations. We’re going to try something new. We’re not taking reservations till April 1, 2014, because usually we’re booked almost every weekend because there’s either a fishing tournament or oak shows, car shows – just local things going on – and we’re a very small town, and so it fills up pretty fast. So, we do reservations, and then, after that, it’s just first come, first serve.

CI: Okay, and is it strictly RV slots, or do you have some space for tents as well?

Sam: We do have a tent area, and we’re working on, before next spring, expanding that. Right now you can get maybe ten or twelve four-man tents kind of all crammed in there, and we’re hoping to maybe broaden that out. And I’m not sure how many more feet they want to get, but at least probably double that.

CI: Okay. Well, that sounds good. Thank you so much for taking some time out of your day to chat a little bit about the area there, some of the attractions, and even a good place to grab a bite to eat. Appreciate it, Sam, and we’ll get this information out about Harrison City RV Park in Idaho right away.

Sam: All right, thank you.

CI: Great, thanks for your time.

Visit the Harrison City RV Park Website

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