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Camping Leo Carrillo State Park in California

Leo Carrillo State Park was actually named after an actor, conservationist, and preservationist named Leo Carrillo. It is a beautiful park for anyone who is looking to get away from the world and relax for a while.

Camping at Leo Carrillo State Park

Leo Carrillo State Park does offer several campgrounds for their guests to enjoy. The park is also dog friendly for campers (or day visitors) who want to bring their beloved pets. The only rule is that dogs must be kept on a leash and stay in the day use areas, the campground, or the north beach. Guests are not allowed to take their dogs on the south beach or the trail.

Amenities at Leo Carrillo State Park

The beach attached to the park features tide pools, reefs, and coastal caves for the guests to explore and enjoy. Leo Carrillo State Park offers their guests backcountry style hiking trails, shady campgrounds, and a beautiful beach. The park does offer showers, but has recently switched them from coin-operated showers to token operated showers. The token machine will only accept one-dollar bills; guests are encouraged to make sure they bring plenty of single dollar bills with them if they are going to be showering.

Things to do at Leo Carrillo State Park

The visitor center of the park offers guests the opportunity to take park in campfire programs and nature walks. During the summer, there are also several programs for children offered as well. Individuals come to the Leo Carrillo State Park for surfing, windsurfing, swimming, and beachcombing. The ark is also a great place for hiking and camping.

Leo Carrillo State Park
5000 West Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90265

Leo Carrillo State Park Hours
Visitor Center:
10AM to 2PM

The entry gate is locked from 10PM to 8AM. No guests are permitted to enter the park after 10PM.

Individuals are encouraged to contact the park directly to inquire about rates and fees.

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