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How To Camp Like a Highlander in 17th Century Scotland

Tom Langhorne is a Scottish survival instructor and mountain guide who runs a fantastic YouTube channel called Fandabi Dozi.

If you aren’t familiar with his work, this video is a great introduction. In it, Langhorne discusses the clothing, equipment, food and tools that a typical 17th century Scottish Highland traveler would have carried. The kit includes clothing like a bonnet, linen scarf, linen shirt, wool waistcoat and jacket stockings, leather shoes, and, of course, the great kilt which could be used as a sleeping bag and shelter. And equipment like the walking stick (also used as a weapon if needed, and other tools a Highlander would carry for an overnight camp. Additionally, Langhorne demonstrates some well-researched packing, fire and cooking techniques from the period.

Watch it below and check out his channel here:

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