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An Extraterrestrial’s Travel Guide to Planet Earth

Earth has a number of fantastic outdoor destinations for your next visit to the third planet from the sun. Though much of this planet is covered by ocean, here are some well-reviewed sites to visit on land, where you can get a sense of what it’s like to live on Earth. 

You may even glimpse humans trying to glimpse you, especially in these visitation spots, which have become quite popular within the intergalactic community.

Roswell, New Mexico, USA

Credit Blurz via Wikimedia Commons

76 years ago in July 1947, “The Roswell Incident” cemented Roswell, New Mexico’s place on the list of famous extraterrestrial locations on Earth. An infamous crash of an alien craft left humans confused and curious. Human officials attempted to cover up the incident, but many were not fooled. To this day, Roswell is a place of interest for intergalactic flyovers. 

Area 51, Nevada, USA

Area 51
Credit David Becker/Getty Images via CNN

Not far from Roswell is Area 51 in southern Nevada. Human military operations provide a ruse for what’s really going on there—ongoing research about extraterrestrial life, which is still a controversial topic on Earth. Though the U.S. Air Force claims to operate the facility as a base for flight testing, wiser humans know better, and they travel on foot to get a glimpse of it

Sedona, Arizona, USA 

Complete your tour of the American Southwest with a flyover of Sedona, Arizona, a place with a particularly strong magnetic field that’s known for being a “vortex” or “swirling center of energy.” There’s a long history of UFO sightings in Sedona, and humans visit from all over to climb Bell Rock and other landmarks to watch for UFOs. Some humans even make a living bringing other humans to these places to view flyovers.

Rendlesham Forest, United Kingdom 

Rendlesham Forest
Credit Taras Young via Wikimedia Commons

A close call in 1980 has made Rendlesham Forest a top destination for extraterrestrials. Humans visit this place to walk the UFO trail and learn more about the now-famous UFO sighting several decades ago. A downed craft sent nearby farm animals into a frenzy, and humans who came to investigate caught a tantalizing glimpse of a UFO, which left impressions on the ground that humans could not explain. 

Stonehenge, United Kingdom

A great mystery on Earth is Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument in the United Kingdom. Some humans attribute the monolithic structure to extraterrestrials, although most believe it was ancient humans who created Stonehenge as a place of ritual and religion. The intergalactic community does not take credit for this stone monument, but it remains a popular place for flyovers, nonetheless.

Wycliffe Well, Australia 

Wycliffe Well
Credit Globe-trotter via Wikimedia Commons

Visit the UFO capital of Australia, Wycliffe Well in the Northern Territory, to see some amusing alien-themed décor. Besides UFOs, there isn’t much here for humans to see, except Wycliffe Well Holiday Park. The park encompasses 60 acres, including Lake Wycliff—a man-made lake great for fishing and other types of outdoor recreation.

San Clemente, Chile

Credit highonadventure.com

Famous for hundreds of close encounters between humans and extraterrestrials, San Clemente, Chile features a 19-mile UFO trail through the Andes (plateaus in this mountain range are ideal for brief landings). The Enladrillado geological platform, in particular, has been a popular landing spot for centuries, and humans continue to visit this spot for a chance to glimpse life from other planets.

Have you visited one of these outdoor destinations famous for extraterrestrial encounters? Tell us in the comments below.

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