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Cape Hatteras KOA NC

Camp North Carolina recently had the chance to speak with the General Manager of the Cape Hatteras KOA. He shared with us about the areas history with pirates, the campgrounds proximity to the ocean, and where he’d spend a night in the park. Listen to our full interview here:

Cape Hatteras KOA NC

Camp North Carolina: I’m talking with Mike today. He’s the General Manager at the Cape Hatteras KOA in North Carolina. How’s it going today, Mike?

Mike: It’s going excellent.

CNC: So, maybe start by telling us about how long that campground has been there and when you got started.


Mike: Well, this campground has been around since the sixties. It became a KOA approximately 25 years ago and it’s been up and running since then. We’ve gone through a complete transformation in the last two years, since we got wiped out by Hurricane Irene.

CNC: Okay. What types of camping are you offering there?

Mike: We offer a wide variety of camping. We are located right on the dunes, next to the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. So, we have RV camping. We’ve got tent camping. We also offer camping cabins or deluxe cabins, and then we also have some vacation suites. So, you can come here and camp almost any way from roughing it in a tent to right up there in a deluxe vacation suite.

CNC: Nice. What are the most popular activities for the guests?

Mike: Well, the ocean would be the big draw. The activities right there. Just a short walk over to the dune, you can do kite surfing over on the sand as well as surfing on the ocean. Body board. Boogie boarding. Here on the campground we’ve got a really nice new pool with a zero entry and lap lanes as well as a couple of slides into it. We’ve got a Jumping Pillow. We’ve got mini golf. We’ve got bikes. We’ve got stand-up paddleboards. Just all kinds of activities that go on here at the campground.

CNC: Yeah, it sounds like it. Now, what are some of your favorite attractions in and around that area?


Mike: Well, there’s a lot of history right here on Hatteras Island. The original settlers coming to the US, so there’s a lot of good history spots to see. Also, the Wright Brothers flew their first flight here, which is just a short shot up the road. And we all celebrate pirates still down here. Blackbeard spent a lot of his time right here on the Hatteras Island, so we all still enjoy the pirate theme down here.

CNC: Awesome. I love it. Two more questions for you, Mike. If you could spend just one hour at Cape Hatteras KOA, how would you like to spend your time there?

Mike: I’d be soaking up some sun right down there on the beach, enjoying some sand and surf.

CNC: Nice. And if you could spend just one night at the Cape Hatteras KOA, which particular site would you choose and why?

Mike: Well, I’m getting soft in my old age, so I’d probably take the vacation suite and enjoy my hot shower and my full kitchen and call it camping.

CNC: Sounds good. That’s camping in my book. Camping enough. Well, hey, thank you so much, Mike, for taking some time out of your day to chat with us about Cape Hatteras KOA and to explain some of the activities around the area in North Carolina.

Mike: All right, I appreciate the call.

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