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coast products hl27 headlamp

Coast Products HL27 Headlamp Review

If you don’t use a headlamp when you’re camping or hiking at dust. You really need to change that. The ability to go hands free is vital when getting around an unknown area. Coast Products has been a leader in LED flashlights, headlamps, multi-tools and knives. With a history of quality and innovation the Coast Products HL27 Headlamp is incredibly versatile and easy to use headlamp for the outdoor adventurer.

Appearance: The black and red Coast Products HL27 headlamp has a sleek design, keeping comfort in mind. The headlamp has a strap to go around your head and a removable strap to go over the top which connects to the battery pack in the back. Both the battery pack and headlamp have a contoured shape and padding to comfortably fit for long periods of time. The HL27 includes a variety of ways to adjust the light including intensity and focus.

Ease Of Use: It doesn’t get much easier than having one button to turn on the headlamp. With a large round light area, the headlamp uses a twistable focusing ring that allows you to adjust from flood beam to spot. While on the top of the headlamp a scrolling wheel allows you to adjust the intensity of the light. The HL27 certainly puts out the lumens, 309 to be exact. Their Pure Beam Focusing Optic produces a really large flood beam, shedding light on a big area, but as you twist the light it focuses down to the Bulls-Eye Spot Beam which can illuminate targets as far as 400 feet away.

coast products hl27 headlamp
Coast makes a solid headlamp

Durability: The HL27 headlamp was meant to be in all weather conditions with a fully encased sensor that detects a magnetic field, making the light output control more durable and weatherproof. The durable straps are easily adjustable and provide a secure fit on your head. For added durability, the headlamp is equipped with an expandable Z-Cord that provides power to the LED from the sealed battery pack and is built in to the headband.

Weight: Coming in at 7 ounces, the Coast Products HL27 headlamp is fairly light, especially for the average camper or hiker. Having the battery pack does add a little weight to the piece but it’s nice to be able to change out the 3 AA batteries easily. Packed with features the headlamp does a good job at keeping weight down while giving you plenty of functionality.

Value: At $74.99 the HL27 headlamp is a fair price for it’s features. The ability to adjust beam size and intensity are fantastic features and come in handy way more than you’d think. The headlamp does have just the white LED, which works great. We do slightly missing have the red light which helps when you’re around camp, but the ability to adjust the light to a dim setting helps alleviate the need for it. For a headlamp that puts out 309 lumens, can light your world 400 feet away, and is fully adjustable it is a great price for this feature packed headlamp.

coast products hl27 headlamp
Coast Products HL27 Headlamp

coast products hl27 headlamp
Coast Products HL27 Headlamp

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